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Photography Contest

Event Details

Submission Deadline: March 25, 2018 @ 11:59 PM EST

Have a budding passion for photography, or want to show off your experience behind the shutter? This is your perfect opportunity. You must submit your entry digitally on our website before the deadline. In addition, your image must be in JPEG format. Happy shooting! There are two awesome prizes up for grabs – $100 for the 1st place winner along with other prizes for those in 2nd and 3rd place!


Themes: Shadows, Silhouettes, Lights, Canada

You are free to interpret these themes as you wish. You can also check out the past submissions for inspiration. Please submit your photos to our Dropbox link here. The submission password is mtac. Along with your photo submissions, please attach a Word file listing your JPEG file name(s), full name, e-mail, school, chosen theme, and submission description, as per the contest rules.​


Past Submissions

Past Submissions
  • Each participant is permitted to a maximum of 5 photo submissions

  • Participants must submit a small blurb (3-5 sentences) describing the connection between the given theme and their piece

    • If this is not submitted, participants risk disqualification on the grounds that there is no viable connection between their submission and the theme of the contest

  • This event is open to teens who are up to, and including, 18 years old


  • Content must be PG-appropriate and must not contain violent, explicit, or profane nature will not be considered for the contest, and all such entries will be disqualified

  • Photographers must have the expressed consent of all subjects prior to the submission of their work

    • It is the responsibility of the photographer to ensure this, and MTAC will not be held responsible for issues that may arise relating to this matter
  • Photomanipulation is not permitted, and MTAC reserves the right to demand a version of the original photograph to ensure this rule

    • Light editing such as contrast/brightness, curve, touch-up is permitted

    • If you have any questions pertaining to permitted editing procedures, feel free to contact MTAC for clarification

  • MTAC reserves the right to disqualify any submissions that do not adhere the aforementioned guidelines, as well as any submissions that the Council does not see fit for the competition

  • There is a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism, and any participants involved in plagiarism will be immediately removed from the competition

  • By participating, you are agreeing to MTAC’s Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

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