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business-arts webinar:

The Creative Hustle!

Event Details

Introducing MTAC's first ever business-arts webinar

This business-arts webinar will feature local speakers and artists, where they will give advice on how they made their artistic hobbies into a money-making side hustle!


Presentations on all different art forms - ranging from dance, calligraphy, slam poetry, graphic design, photography, visual arts, and crafts & customs - will be available to your liking. The presentations will be recorded.

Recordings of the sessions are below!

Session: Bullet Journaling and Calligraphy

Session: Visual Arts

Session: Photography

Session: Graphic Design

Session: Dance

Session: Customs

Stay tuned on our social media @markhamteenarts on Instagram and Facebook for more information! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at, or send us a message through Facebook or Instagram!

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