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Markham Teen Arts Council

We are a team made up of youth and advisors from the  Markham Arts Council. We provide teens in our community a voice and valuable opportunities to explore the arts.


We organize community events for youth that incorporate various fields of art, ranging anywhere from music to literature. If you have any ideas, feedback or anything else to share with us, feel free to get in touch here!

We are the youth division of the Markham Arts Council.

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The Mission of the Markham Teen Arts Council is to foster and promote a dynamic local youth arts environment by providing advocacy and support via events and activities to the region’s teen artists and performers.


We envision a vibrant Markham, where the arts inspire our innovative spirit, celebrate our rich cultural diversity, and encourage our individual and community involvement.


This council was founded in February of 2008, and is a committee of the Markham Arts Council.

We are comprised of dedicated youth from across town, united in the common goal to raise awareness of the unknown youth talent in Markham.


With an ever-growing membership, teens across the Town of Markham join the Markham Teen Arts Council (MTAC) to offer insight into what the average teen artist wants, representing the interests of their respective schools.

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