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48 to CREATE

Event Details

Submission Deadline: December 30, 2018 @ 4PM EST

48 to Create is the ultimate youth creativity challenge. Teens are given a line of poetry and 48 hours to inspire a work of art – either visual, musical, or performance-based. All submissions will be posted on social media and publicly voted upon. Take your craft to the next level and help us showcase youth expression in the city!

Categories: Visual Arts, Musical Arts, Performance Arts

Interpretation of either of these themes is entirely up to you.  When the kickoff is launched via this website page, participants will receive a poetry prompt to base their creations on as well as the Google form submission link. 

Read this year's winning submissions below!



  • Submissions must be created within 48 hours

  • Submissions may be submitted via image or video (depending on creation type)

    • Videos must be no longer than 10 minutes

  • Participants may choose to participate individually or in groups of 2

  • Individuals and groups may submit a maximum of 1 creation

  • Include a statement of intent

    • Description of creative elements

    • 100 words max

  • Submissions must be original content from high school students

  • MTAC reserves the right to disqualify any submissions that include, but are not limited to content of offensive, explicit or profane nature

  • By participating, you are agreeing to MTAC’s Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions and the publishing of creations on our social media pages

Line of Poetry Prompt:

"TRUTH is within ourselves; it takes no rise

From outward things, whate’er you may believe."

Winning Submissions:

Poetry Prompt
Winning Submissions

1st Place Visual Arts

1st Place Musical Arts

1st Place Performance Arts

Google Form
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